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Chimney Cleanings

$195.00 average/flue

A Chimney Cleaning is a brush sweeping of the inside of the chimney flues. Regular maintenance helps prevent costly chimney fires, creosote build up and smells.

We recommend this service every couple of years. This also includes a Level 1 Visual Inspection.

Level 1

Visual Inspections & Estimates

$95 average cost for estimate

A Visual Inspection is a look at the condition of the top of the chimney including cap and crown wash & a look inside the flue from both the top and inside the openings of fireplace and furnace areas. We also use drone cameras where needed. For all estimates a Level 1 Visual Inspection needs to be done first.

(Fee is refundable after estimated services are booked & performed -

this will reflect in the final Invoice)

Level 2

Chimney Camera

Inspections & Estimates

$325 average/flue

A Level 2 Inspection uses a chimney camera to view all accessible portions of the chimney exterior and interior, including areas within basements and portions of the appliance and chimney connection. Where accessible, these items are inspected: the firebox, smoke chamber, flue liner, hearth, ash pit, chimney height, flashing, and overall exterior chimney condition. We also use drone cameras where needed.

Level 2 Inspections are best for real estate sales and problem solving conditions to bring them up to modern day code standards.

Level 3

Unseen areas


$425 average

For some unseen areas, a further investigation 

requiring partial removal or demolition of walls or chimney materials may be required. We also use chimney and drone cameras where needed.

(All affected areas will be restored, in some cases, additional painting, electrical or plumbing professionals may be needed.)



(no additional charge)

For extremely steep roofs and hard to reach chimneys, a drone camera inspection is required. Using this life saving technology, we can further our terrestrial vision and get a detailed birds eye view of the roof and chimney exterior.


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