Masonry Chimney Cap

Masonry Chimney Cap

New Veneers for Chimney

New Veneers for Chimney

View from rooftop

View from rooftop

Drone view over steep roof

Drone view over steep roof

Extra high chimneys

Extra high chimneys

Chimney Cleanings

$215.00 average/flue

A Chimney Cleaning is a brush sweeping of the inside of the chimney flues. Regular maintenance helps prevent costly chimney fires, creosote build up and smells.

We recommend this service every couple of years. This also includes a Level 1 Visual Inspection.

Level 1

Visual Inspections & Estimates

$105 average/flue

A Visual Inspection is a look at the condition of the top of the chimney including cap and crown wash & a look inside the flue from both the top and inside the openings of fireplace and furnace areas. We may use cameras where needed.

For all estimates a Level 1 Visual Inspection needs to be done first and a Level 2 upgrade may be proposed instead for further detailed & documented estimates.

Level 2

Chimney Camera

Inspections & Estimates

$360 average/flue

A Level 2 Inspection uses a chimney camera to view all accessible portions of the chimney exterior and interior, including areas within basements and portions of the appliance and chimney connection. Where accessible, these items are inspected: the firebox, smoke chamber, flue liner, hearth, ash pit, chimney height, flashing, and overall exterior chimney condition. We also use drone cameras where needed.

Level 2 Inspections are best for real estate sales and problem solving conditions to bring them up to modern day code standards.

Level 3

Unseen areas


$475 average

For some unseen areas, a further investigation 

requiring partial removal or demolition of walls or chimney materials may be required. We also use chimney and drone cameras where needed.

(All affected areas will be restored, in some cases, additional painting, electrical or plumbing professionals may be needed.)



(no additional charge)

For extremely steep roofs and hard to reach chimneys, a drone camera inspection is required. Using this life saving technology, we can further our terrestrial vision and get a detailed birds eye view of the roof and chimney exterior.

Thoren Restorations

Thoren Restorations

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Meet The Team


Kirt Thoren, Owner

Having been trained as a specialty mason in historic fireplaces and chimney repairs since the age of 18 in Hunterdon County, NJ, Kirt started Thoren Restorations in 2002 with his wife Laura. Her family, long-time residents of Short Hills, NJ, proudly introduced Thoren Restorations to the area. As an entrepreneur with a talent for organization and efficiency, Kirt continues to keep an open mind to learning new skills and operating the business toward its highest level of quality service and innovation.


Laura McClanahan-Thoren, Co-Owner

An exhibiting artist and sound healer, Laura started Thoren Restorations with Kirt in 2002 contributing her design skills and creative thinking. Her Mother, Sarah McClanahan, a Short Hills Realtor for over 30 years, helped present the newfound business to the area. Laura is our webmaster and logo designer, acting as a sounding board to reflect the business in its best light. Working on the technology side, she develops a fluid plan for using iPads, drones, inspections cameras, and invoicing apps. We are proud to offer nearly instant inspection estimates and invoices to your email. Browse Laura's paintings at


Erin Grimm,



That kind voice you hear on the phone or the polite email response you get is Erin. She professionally coordinates the schedule and communicates the details between you and our technicians in the field. Erin started working with Thoren Restorations in 2017. She balances many of her own clients and being a Mom with grace. A rising expert in social media and email marketing, Erin is a priceless contributor to our team. 


Ryan Whittemore

-Project Manager

A musician and athlete, Ryan apprenticed under Kirt for several years in the field and took chimney certification classes. As a qualified drone and chimney inspector, Ryan is our lead technician and project manager. You are likely to meet him on the job with the crew when you hire us for your project or inspection. Demonstrating agility, rhythm and skill, Ryan also plays the drums and performs with his band in NYC and surrounding areas. 


Daniel Crooks

-Chimney Technician

In the field, Daniel apprenticed under Kirt learning how to build smoke chambers, install linings and problem solve chimney leaks. Daniel has the smoothest, strongest and best built smoke chambers we have encountered. It's a skill that requires his zen like patience in order to move around in small spaces and not get claustrophobic. His previous years as a server at farm to table restaurants speaks to his concern for the environment. Daniel balances his life as a Father with his work at Thoren Restorations. 


Sean Lee

-Chimney Technician

Moving out of the technology and communications field, Sean ventured to apprentice under Ryan and Kirt. He is diligent with safety for the crews and clients' homes with thorough job staging and camera documentation. An asset to the team, Sean picks up skills quickly, while taking time and care to perfect the job. Sean is a valued member of our team, operating the drone with ease, innovating flue relining and problem solving chimney issues.